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here you can see that louis is so in love with the curly one
and it’s mutual
they’ve discusssed it.

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it’s killing me everytime i read it

1.’Forever in my heart, Harry Styles. Yours sincerely, Louis’
2. ‘I’d marry you, Harry’
3. ‘you’re on a whole new level of charmer.’
4. ‘- my first real crash was… Louis Tomlinson. it’s mutual, we’ve discussed it.’
5. ‘Louis is loud, loud and… loud.’
6. ‘what Harry said.’
7. ‘she is hot. and Louis too.’
8. ‘…and Louis was at the same gig!’
9. ‘someone who has a nice smile, someone who’s nice…’
10. ‘- miss you babycakes!
      - miss you too sweetcheeks’